Wooloworths Mullumbimby 100KW Grid Connect Solar Install, in collaboration with Brisbane based Connect Energy.

Shaws Bay, 12KW Grid Connect Solar Install, Fully Optimised System.

On this system we deployed TIGO Optimisers on every panel to maximise production due to partial shading.

Lismore, 6.5KW Grid Connect Solar Install, QCELL Panels, Fronius Inverter

Skennars Head, 6KW Grid Connect Solar System, Canadian Panels, Fronius Inverter

Ballina, 6.4KW Grid Connect Solar System

This installation consisted of Premium REC N-PEAK Panels partnered with a Fronius Primo Inverter. We also  updated the clients old switchboard and installed Solar Analytics monitoring.

Lennox Head, 6KW Grid Connect Solar Install. Canadian Solar Panels, SMA Inverter.

Lismore Stand Alone (Off Grid) Solar System.

This install was designed to power a tiny house with provisions for future upgrade. 7.6KW REC Solar Panels, partnered with 6KW Fronius Primo Inverter, 5KW Selectronic Multimode Battery Inverter and 13.8KWH BYD Lithium Batteries.

Created by: Pineapple Digital